Annual Maintenance - terms and conditions

1. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE: Single-fee Annual Maintenance of Entryphone installations is available at the conclusion of the guarantee period, to run continuously thereafter. If there is a lapse in continuous maintenance, then it will be necessary for a re-joining service to be carried out (details in paragraph 5 below) before the system will be eligible for Annual Maintenance.

2. HOURS OF WORK: Service is available during normal working hours, Monday to Friday (public holidays excluded). Whenever notified of a fault we will remedy it as soon as circumstances permit. This will normally be the same, or the next working day, provided that access is freely available. If an appointment is necessary this may entail a delay so that other work can be organised appropriately. Service is not normally available outside working hours, and if it is required by the customer then it will be charged as a call-out service and our call-out service rates will apply.

3. PARTS: Under annual maintenance, parts that are to be replaced due to fair wear and tear will be without charge. (This applies only to standard apparatus. Any replacements to special apparatus or special finishes will be chargeable.) Parts replaced due to accidental or deliberate damage will be charged at our current price. For systems maintained on a call-out basis all parts are charged as per our current price list.

4. OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT: The Entryphone Co.Ltd., cannot guarantee that the equipment will always function satisfactorily between service visits by an engineer, and responsibility for loss or damage due to failure of equipment consequential or otherwise is specifically excluded.

5. RE-JOINING SERVICE: If in our opinion a system has been used reasonably we would carry out a full service of the installation at a tariff charge, plus any necessary parts to be replaced, plus VAT (at the prevailing rate, currently 20%). This service will carry with it a guarantee up to the end of the following quarter date; i.e. either 1st January/ 1st April/ 1st July/ 1st October, and that guarantee period will be treated as though under Annual Maintenance.

6. CHARGES: Annual Maintenance will be payable annually in advance on the nearest quarter date to joining; 1st January/ 1st April/ 1st July/ 1st October, at a tariff charge plus VAT (at the prevailing rate, currently 20%). If unpaid after the due date it will be deemed to have lapsed. The rate given is subject to change.The Entryphone Co.Ltd. reserve the right to charge additionally, or refuse to maintain, in the following circumstances:-a) If access is not available.b) If any apparatus is not manufactured or installed by ourselves.c) If calls are necessary because of:- i) damage. ii) interruption or failure of the mains supply. iii) interference with, or modifications made to the system unless authorised by us in writing. iv) re-setting of time switches. v) re-programming coded access systems

7. CHARGE RATES: Charges are given on our current contract rate and are valid at date shown. Rates may change and should be confirmed before any call is arranged.

8. VAT: Prices do not include and will be added (at the prevailing rate, currently 20%).

9. PAYMENT: Payment is C.O.D. by cash, cheque or credit card or charge card unless prior arrangements have been made.