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Cookies provide a method of storing/retrieving text files on your PC in order to keep details about the use of a web site. uses cookies to record statistics about how the web site is used (using Google analytics) and to enable us to manage those users who need to login to use the site. The cookies used on our web site are not used for any other purpose such as providing information to advertisers.

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Credit card payments are processed via an accredited payment processing company (Trust payments and Lloyds Cardnet). We do not have access to or store your credit card details on any of our systems.

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We do not disclose any personal or transaction information to any third party.

We will from time to time send email newsletters and information. If you wish to be excluded from our mailings, please phone our office.


Our staff do not have access to any password you may use on our site, and you will not be asked to provide this for proof of identity.

Data Controller

Entryphone data controller: Henry Ashbee, Tel 020 8870 8635

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