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Maintenance and repairs

For systems that we have installed, our maintenance team are available for fault repairs, routine maintenance and equipment upgrades and additions. We aim to provide same day service and run a no waiting in policy.

Service summary


If your system is rented from us or under an annual maintenance contract there are no additional charges for fault repairs or routine maintenance due to fair wear and tear. For equipment upgrades or additional equipment we can visit to discuss your requirements and submit a quotation. Contract sites benefit from special contract rates and we can carry out work on a time and materials basis.

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No Contract

If your system was originally installed by us but is not covered under a service contract we can provide service on a time-and-materials basis.

If your system was not installed by us and you are having difficulty obtaining service we can arrange an inspection to assess whether we can offer you contract maintenance. We are unable to offer time-and-materials rates on systems that we have not installed. If your system is of another make we will do our best to identify the supplier, and provide details.

Outside London

We are happy to provide telephone and email support for systems outside London.

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